I have another announcement to make – I haven’t been abducted by aliens; rather I’ve been setting up a new travel blog.  The blog is going to tell the story of my most recent adventures abroad, and will be a regular feature – I encourage all of you to check it out!

My new travel blog will also host some of my photography – namely pictures taken whilst out and about in the world.  In time I will be setting up a new gallery.  This doesn’t mean that I will be neglecting my current gallery or blog!  You can  continue to find writing-related asides, essays and news about my novels, short stories and poetry here, as well as the usual sneak previews of upcoming works.

Over at my official gallery website – Repainting Reality – you’ll be able to see some of my latest photoshoots and projects.  Sometimes I feel like a child reaching into the biscuit jar whose hand is stuck because he’s holding too many biscuits.  Hopefully, each of those biscuits will be worth eating!

You can find my new travel blog here: Last Explorer.  If you’re kind enough to take a look, perhaps you could leave a comment – I’d appreciate it!