David offers three types of lesson as an English Language tutor:


  • One-to-one English Lesson  – €15 for one hour


  • Group Lessons  – €10 per person for one hour with 2 students or9 per person for one hour with 3 or more students


  • Pronunciation Lessons – €12 per person for 45 minutes, or10 per person in a group for 45 minutes.


The One-to-one English Lesson is for general English: this is suitable for students, language enthusiasts or anybody who is interested in learning English but needs a little bit of extra help (or doesn’t know where to start!)  During a lesson, we may focus more on conversation or skills such as writing, reading or listening.  The advantage with a one-to-one lesson is it can be tailored perfectly to the client’s needs.  These lessons can be as formal or informal as you’d like – some students prefer to practice talking and listening, whilst others may wish to work towards a formal qualification such as a Cambridge or IELTS certificate.

Group Lessons are available for two or more clients who may feel more comfortable learning together.  These lessons are structured slightly differently from individual lessons, and some students may find a group lesson to be a more effective way of learning.

Pronunciation Lessons focus purely on pronunciation when speaking.  These lessons are shorter than the standard English lesson, but more intensive.  Pronunciation lessons aim to correct basic pronunciation errors in speaking, to allow students to speak English in a more natural and clear manner.  Using a special technique and focusing on vowel sounds, David will be able to help you to speak much more eloquently in a very short space of time.  These lessons can be either individual or group-based.

All lessons take place in the centre of Valencia in a relaxed environment which can be altered to the client’s tastes.  Home/business visits are also available!

To arrange a lesson, please visit the contact page or send an email to [email protected] (don’t forget to include contact details, the type of lesson you’re interested in and your ability in English – from elementary to advanced).