Frequently Asked Questions



What can I expect to gain from David’s lessons?

Whether you’re working towards a qualification or just want to learn English as a hobby, lessons with David will improve your English speaking, writing, reading, listening and grammar skills as well as giving you more confidence in using the language and an understanding of English in more detail.


I want to learn with a friend.  Does David do group lessons?

Of course, lessons can be either individual or group-based.


I want to learn English (or improve my English skills) but I feel shy or embarrassed about speaking.

Lessons with David are relaxed and friendly.  Don’t be shy!  If you don’t want to speak much at first, that’s okay – over time your confidence will improve and you will be able to speak English just as well as any native speaker.


My English level is advanced but I’m worried about one skill area (speaking/writing/reading/listening/grammar).  Would it be possible to focus only on this?

David encourages a rounded approach to learning but recognises that teaching a foreign language is about the learner.  If you want to focus on one area and feel that you are happy with the other elements of the language, then David will be happy to help you improve in any one particular skill.


Will I be expected to buy expensive books to work from?

David has a variety of English language books and is happy to supply his students with printouts from these books (so no expense is incurred on the student).  However, if you would prefer to work from your own book (for exam preparation, for example) then you are welcome to bring these books to lessons as well.  Of course, lessons don’t have to involve books at all – some students prefer conversation lessons, for example.


Will David supply me with any other resources?

Apart from printouts from his own books, David has set up a forum with some helpful links for his students (and for anyone who’s interested in learning English!)  Send him an email for the password – the forums are completely free.


I noticed a lot of other things on this website.  David sounds like a busy guy…

David is also a writer, a photographer and a film maker.  Don’t worry, he’ll probably be able to fit you in!  As a writer, David has more than a passing interest in the English language: he’s used to working with it on a daily basis.  As such, he has a rich vocabulary and passion for words, and is keen to relay this to his students.


Can I have a lesson with David in my own home or office?

It’s possible to have lessons at home or in your office or place of work if you prefer.  There is normally a small increase in the lesson price for this service.  Otherwise, lessons are based in a comfortable atmosphere in the centre of Valencia – this will usually be a coffee shop or other such public place, although a specific establishment can be requested.


I’ve decided I want to have a lesson with David.  What next?

You can contact David here.  The first lesson will be an evaluation lesson in which you’ll meet David and discuss what your learning goals are, and how you want to learn (e.g if you prefer to talk about English or work from books).  You don’t need to bring anything special to this lesson, although a pen and paper is always useful!

I have a friend who wants to learn English, does David have any business cards?

David can supply you with a business card in person, or you can print one off below.  Or just direct your friends to this website!

Business Card