David J Marriott is a British writer, film maker, photographer and tutor.  He was born in Brighton in the Eighties and spent his formative years in Leicester in the East Midlands.  David read English at university in Wales and returned to Brighton to complete a Masters in Modern Literature at the University of Sussex.

From an early age, David had a firm interest in reading and writing.  His first published work was a poem in his secondary school’s yearly magazine.  He hasn’t looked back since.  To date, he has a growing collection of poems and short stories, and several novels in the works, with notebooks stuffed full of ideas.  Having run out of paper and for the sake of the trees, he’s decided to put some of his work online.

Aside from his literary ambitions, David has pursued many hobbies and interests throughout his life.  He has performed in several rock bands as both a lead singer and guitarist, and played a variety of sports at a variety of levels (including a brief stint in the United Kingdom’s only National Australian Rules Football league).  He is currently travelling the world in the hope that a little wisdom and a lot of experience will rub off on him.