A New Beginning

When I first decided to make a website, I searched through the dark places of the internet for an appropriate theme.  With a little help and a lot of patience, I found something I liked.  The website was clear and easy to use, but I felt it didn’t present my work (or myself) in the best light – so I decided a change was in order.

After another long and tedious trawl through the internet’s underbelly, I present a new look to my website.  Like a revolution gaining ground through blogs and tweets, things are finally starting to gain momentum.  In addition to a beautiful, fresh skin, you’ll find new photos and features as well as my official gallery: Repainting Reality.

The gallery serves to showcase some of my photographs separately, so that my growing fanbase (at least two new people visited my site this week!) can focus on the other stuff: my writing, teaching resources and film making.  Oh, and the blog.  I’ll be updating the blog much more regularly, so expect to find something witty and insightful to read on at least a weekly basis.  At the very least, you get to look at an interesting new picture.