Everything has to start somewhere.  As a famous (well, not-so-famous) author once said: “It ends with a beginning.  And it begins, as it ends.”  Now that we have the overly-dramatic uncorking of champagne bottles out of the way, I’ll talk about what I’m hoping to achieve with this website.  Apart from global domination, of course.

For the most part, it’ll exist as a showcase for my work.  Whether this is my writing, my film making or my photography, I’ll be updating it frequently.  There will be samples of my work (or, bandwidth-depending, external links) in the according sections.  I’ll also be running an Irregular Blog (can I trademark that?) which will serve as a more informal stream of consciousness/a clearing of the digital throat.  I’m also hoping to entertain a lively community.  We  can discuss ideas together, or you can fawn over my work like sycophantic cultists.  Or, you know, constructive feedback, that’s good too.

So, to summarise (and before I impale myself on my own parentheses) I’d like to thank all/both of my early viewers, and I hope you’ll enjoy both the website and the blog over the next few weeks/months/centuries.