Spring is around the corner, and my novel is nearing a milestone – the end of the first part.  My website is gradually evolving into the beautiful, award-winning dog I always wanted it to be instead of the shaggy, ugly mutt I originally created.

Whilst working on my novel I’ve also been battling with the beast that is Twitter.  If you’d like to follow me (and I’d appreciate it if you did!) my Twitter is @_DavidJMarriott – by becoming a follower, you’ll be one of the first to hear about any cults I may or may not start in the future.  You’ll also receive sneak previews of my latest projects, including some of my poems from my anthology Underground Galleries.

  Underground Galleries is a collection of subversive, dark, uplifting and/or horrifying poems drawn out of my subconscious and splattered across the (digital) page for your perusal.  Themes include writing, death, social networking, more death and the gradual digitalisation of our species.

Every week I will be discussing one of my poems in a blog post (all comments welcome!) and releasing it into the wilds of the internet.

I would also like to thank all of those who have taken the time to read these posts and my writing.  I’m eternally grateful to both of you!