The Castle


The Castle


Last week

I went to visit an

Ancient castle

Crooked in the distance

Crow-topped, older than

Anything I could create

Around the ruins, stones

Covered in lichen and moss

Little by little, the castle sheds

Its bones.


I climbed the stairs

Worn around the edges

By the winds, to reach

Beneath the clouds

A turret, covered in

Graffiti scrawl

(From years long gone)

I decided to add my own

Name, using a key

To show that I was here.


This week

A terrific storm

Struck the land

And my castle finally fell

Collapsed into the turf

My indelible mark

My name and who I was

Vanished into the ground

Consumed by little flowers

Lost in the old dark.



© Copyright David Marriott  all rights reserved­.