Satin Mirror


Satin Mirror


A satin mirror

Reflections in cloth

Or clothes

Faces in unwashed washing

Scrunched up socks and

Knitted scarves or jumpers

Eyes (contorted) gazing out of

T-shirts with band logos

Crumpled silk curtains hanging

Nooses of metal hoops, loops on rails

Stretching out like paper trails, silver lines

Of snails, reflective like

A mirror

Shining like satin, rings around a planet

Or a lightbulb circled by a moth

Or cloves (of garlic) polished with overuse

Or icing on a cake, or frosting

Pitted scars or jumpers

In front of trains, hobos

Leaking brains across the tracks

Children in Iran, hanging

Nooses on metal cranes, emails

Sent to journalists on planes

Arranging lines,

Reflective on make-up mirrors

Nostril drops of red, like satin

On the glass.



© Copyright David Marriott  all rights reserved­.