When the rain came down it was made of chocolate

Streaming across the window-panes, thick and sweet

Dripping under cars and squirming into overflowing drains

Warm or hot, the antithesis of misery or pain.

When the rain came down it was made of sugar,

People stood with open mouths, tasting

With cups and mugs and buckets, waiting

Collecting, savouring, something approaching elation

The shapes the rain made as it bathed the concrete

City, running through the streets and washing all away –

The dirt, the grit, the car-fumes and the traffic signs

Replacing all with rainbow-senses, smells like freshly baked

Cakes, dough and bread left out on a summer’s morning,

Blossoms of Spring or wedding bouquets yet to wilt

Gleaming silver through the crooked branches of a tree

The rain came and went, and took with it the old part of me.



© Copyright David Marriott  all rights reserved­.