End for


End for

When darkness is my waking thought

And shadow clouds are all I see

When nothing lifts its head at dawn

To break the cold tranquillity

When birds are gone, and trees

And rocks disintegrate in space

The fading of the final star

The birth, the death, the eyes, the face

When frozen is the lingering word

And when all tales remain untold

A note of music hangs unheard

And nothing left to touch or hold


When movement slows and halts and stops

When lack of change chokes all the clocks

When time and space dissolve and clot

And darkness yet remains

When stars wink out without a sound

When nothing persists to be sought or found

When everything living slips into the ground

And darkness yet remains


And an end for the sky that they once looked up to

The colours described, the greens and the pure blue

Ocean waves gone never lapping on shores

And darkness remains, evermore, evermore

And the little leaves breaking away into nothing

The fires and passion of planetary crumbling

The mountains break into the sky, turn to dust in

Your eye, a speck or a hole as we’re sucked in.



© Copyright David Marriott  all rights reserved­.