Nuclear oil floating on canvasses

Made of public opinion skin,

Stretched thin over chemical warfare

Schools, dripping with overused

Buzzwords, un-words and non-words

New words discovered by ships sailing

Through pirate seas, digital sails

Unstirred by government intrusions

Mass delusions unveiled

In underground galleries

Untouched by political rallies,

Societies plugged in

To virtual realities, displayed

On screens inside tiny machines


Across oceans, first steps caught

In motion, frozen static under melting

Iceberg caps, stuttering water taps

Incoming drought and media frenzy doubt

Spreading fires, mechanical forests burnt

On pyres, crashing economies tied to buyers

Remorse, sold at discount in spired buildings

Floating in oceans, clinging to crosses and moons

Prophets rising and falling, cave paintings projected

Into space, protected by time-travelling documentary

Crews, reporting human history in past tense

Disregard all above as nonsense.



© Copyright David Marriott  all rights reserved­.