There’s a rock in the void

Somewhere deep in space

Surrounded by other, similar rocks

A lonely, wild place

At some point things begin to happen

Fires erupt in the night

And dawn creeps into the edge of the world

Bringing the first signs of light

Creatures appear, flowers grow

Trees and mountains and seas

And somewhere, somehow, somebody wakes

And feels the very first breeze

Words become words, stories are told

Things venture out from their caves

The first tears of grief, the first regrets

The first cradles and the first graves

Towns become cities, lives become long

Nights become lighter than day

Superstitions are told and retold

And finally chased away

Here on the rock

In the middle of nothing

Voices and hopes are recorded

Art is created, lives are destroyed

Gold and possessions are hoarded

Eventual death

In a far-flung future

The lonely rock breaks apart

Everything here that happened to us

Is lost in eternal dark.



© Copyright David Marriott 2012 – 2015 all rights reserved­.