MA Modern Literature

BA English

Cambridge Exam Experience



An award-winning writer, I’ve been teaching English as a foreign language for eight years.  I’m currently based in Valencia, Spain, and I am eager to continue to utilise my knowledge of English in a classroom environment. I am adept at working in a team, by myself or as a team leader. I have led an eventful life full of rich experiences, and I enjoy meeting new people.

I am a very creative person; I have performed on stage in rock bands and had writing published in anthologies. I’ve managed and promoted bands and written a novel and a screenplay that attracted interest from a major UK television studio. I also enjoy photography, art and film making, as well as a variety of sports such as football, Australian rules football, table tennis and fencing.





► ILS Nottingham (May 2012)


🎓 MA Modern and Contemporary Literature, Culture and Thought

    University of Sussex (September 2011)

🎓 BA English with Creative Writing

► University of Wales, Bangor (June 2008)



🎓 English Literature

🎓 English Language

🎓 Psychology

► Leicester College: A Levels (June 2005)




💼 Centre d’Idiomes, University of Valencia

Valencia, Spain

October 2019 – June 2020


💼 Tiger English Academy

Valencia, Spain

September 2017 – March 2018


I worked as an English Teacher overseeing Cambridge Exam preparation, conversation lessons and general English for students aged 10 – adult.  Part of my job involved designing educational games and activities for children and teenagers, and structuring courses based around a set syllabus.  I worked closely with a small team to deliver high-quality lessons to small groups, including detailed pronunciation drills based on new methodology.[/tab]


💼 English Tutor

Valencia, Spain

April 2016 – Present


As an English Tutor I  have been working with individual students, groups and academies in Valencia.  My responsibilities have included structuring lessons, marketing and covering for other teachers on short notice.  I have been teaching a variety of levels and ages – from pre-school to adult and from conversation classes to  Cambridge Exam preparation.  During my time in Valencia I have also worked as a course designer in private academies.  In this role, I was responsible for creating content for the academy and other schools in the area, including the planning of summer camps both in Spain and the United Kingdom.[/tab]


💼 Trinity UK

Leicester, England

July 2015, July 2016, July 2017


I taught Italian teenagers from 13-18 during an intensive four-week summer school.  We prepared a class project (based around heraldry) and focused primarily on conversational practice and vocabulary expansion.  My duties included preparing classes for speaking activities based around the Trinity exam syllabus.


💼 Mavo

Prague, Czech Republic

September 2012 – February 2014


Teaching classes of students aged 19-22 in a language school. I taught the students conversation, grammar and language skills such as reading, writing and speaking. I also helped the students prepare for exams (PET, FCE and CAE). As an English Language Teacher, I taught a wide variety of skill levels from pre-intermediate to advanced.



💼 Plus Ed.

Leicester, England

July 2012


During a two-week summer school I taught Italian students aged 12-18 and also helped prepare afternoon activities for them, such as leading them through a language-themed treasure hunt through the city.


💼 Other


My other experience includes: private tuition around Brighton, England and Prague, Czech Republic (teaching English through one-to-one lessons) as well as helping friends set up and manage websites (including a social network), setting up computers, graphic design and promotional work for bands and musicians.




► Advanced personal computer knowledge

► Captained university football team, showing leadership and team work

► Cambridge Exam preparation experience

► Critical and analytical skills gained through university degrees in English

► Creative thinker, able to adapt my own ideas into the workplace

► Software skills such as Photoshop, Microsoft Works, music, film and photo production

► In-depth knowledge of the English language

► Adept at using DSLR cameras and film equipment




► Available on request