Midnight Hour


Would you steal someone’s life if you could?


Who is Alan Bromyard?

What would you do if you found out there was another you?

Alan Bromyard is an office worker.  A drone.  A man with no friends, no hobbies, no life.

Alan Bromyard is a detective, married with a house in the suburbs.  He may also be the most horrific serial killer the world has ever seen…

Follow one man’s journey into his own nightmares as he discovers his double and starts a new life.  Aided by a talking blue goblin and a time-travelling clockmaker, Alan risks unravelling the very fabric of the universe in his quest for answers.



Midnight Hour is the first novel written by David J Marriott.  It blends elements of magical realism, detective fiction, science fiction and post-modernism in an unsettling whirl of a journey.



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